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 (kə-rŭng′kəl, kăr′ŭng′-)
1. Biology A fleshy naked outgrowth, such as a fowl's wattles.
2. Botany An outgrowth or appendage at or near the hilum of certain seeds, as of the castor-oil plant.

[Obsolete French caruncule, from Latin caruncula, diminutive of carō, flesh; see sker- in Indo-European roots.]

ca·run′cu·lar (-kyə-lər) adj.
ca·run′cu·late (-lĭt, -lāt′), ca·run′cu·lat′ed (-lā′tĭd) adj.
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Adj.1.caruncular - resembling a caruncle
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The conjunctivae were hyperemic, and chemosis and caruncular edema were apparent in the right eye.
In vitro response to oxytocin and interferon-in bovine endometrial cells from caruncular and inter-caruncular areas.
Placenta plays vital role during pregnancy and its process of seperation starts many days before parturition and depends on dilatation of maternal caruncular crypts and shrinking of foetal chorionic villi.
La tecnica de puncion unica caruncular peribulbar para cirugia ocular tiene una efectividad a los 10 min cercana al:
3 Ophthalmic manifestations of Carney's complex are eyelid lentigines, conjunctival or caruncular pigmentation and eyelid myxoma.
More recently another conjunctival CH arising from caruncular region over the bulbar conjunctiva was reported (3).
The uterine endometrium of ruminants includes both caruncular and intercaruncular tissue, and implantation involves both tissues.
Se han descrito, asimismo, incisiones cutaneas directas en region caruncular con o sin desinsercion del musculo recto interno para el abordaje de lesiones en la cara medial de la orbita.