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 (kär′vəl, -vĕl′)
Variant of caravel.


(Nautical Terms) another word for caravel


(ˈkær əˌvɛl)

also carvel

a small Spanish or Portuguese sailing vessel of the Middle Ages and later, usu. lateen-rigged on two or three masts.
[1520–30; < Middle French car(a)velle < Portuguese caravela]
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In preparation for its annual Customer Appreciation Day celebration, Carvel is asking its guests to honor the special people in their lives, the people who make a difference in the lives of others--a community volunteer, service member, teacher, or simply a friend or family member--by nominating them for Carvel V.
Through Jana Restaurant Management (a member of Tantash Group), Carvel International, a world famous maker of Ice Cream, is now in Jordan bringing with it a range of ice cream varieties.
Carvel ice cream stores, never forgotten by generations of Southern Californians, will return to the Los Angeles region this year in 17 locations, bringing back a favorite absent from the market for nearly 30 years.
The Guinness World Record for the largest ice cream pyramid was broken recently by retail ice cream chain Carvel Corporation.
has named Christopher Lufkin to lead the company's new Carvel Hall division, with the aim of expanding retail sales in the tabletop market and allowing Syratech the opportunity to expand into the housewares arena.
Several years ago Tom Carvel sold the Carvel Corporation to "Franchise Store" along with some of the property.
Now through August 31st, participating Carvel retail locations nationwide and in Puerto Rico are inviting customers to chill out with the following Italian Ice flavors featuring Dole fruit: Very Cherry Ice, Mango Tango Ice, Pina Colada Ice and Rockin' Raspberry Ice.
Carvel Ice Cream is looking 'to continue growth and expansion by bringing on new franchise partners in areas with an established brand presence including Davie, FL, Midland Park, NJ; West Orange, NJ; Riverdale, NY; Maspeth, NY and Park Slope, NY.
Carvel Ice Cream will be the latest player to tap into the sweet Southern California market, as the East Coast favorite plans to open in Thousand Oaks in the next 90 days.
This event will feature the antiques, furniture, art pottery, Delaware art, political ephemera and memorabilia, and personal effects from the Carvel estate.
Carvel has introduced an ice cream cupcake which will be available at participating stores in U.
Each Carvel Piece of Cake also has enough fat and calories (25 grams of fat in 500 calories) to serve two or three persons instead of the intended one person per piece.