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 (kär′vəl-bĭlt′, -vĕl′-)
adj. Nautical
Built with the hull planks lying flush or edge to edge rather than overlapping: a carvel-built ship.


(Nautical Terms) (of a vessel) having a hull with planks made flush at the seams. Compare clinker-built


(of a ship's hull) formed of planks laid close on the frames so as to present a smooth exterior.
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Adj.1.carvel-built - (of ships) built with flush (rather than overlapping) hull planks
ship - a vessel that carries passengers or freight
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Records of this ship show it to be a carvel-built sloop measuring 45 feet by 13.5 feet.
What is the difference between a carvel-built and a clinker-built boat?
ANSWERS: 1 Diana Ross and the Supremes; 2 Anne Boleyn; 3 Buckinghamshire; 4 Through The Keyhole; 5 Clinker- built boats have overlapping external those of carvel-built boats do not; 6 Cardinal; 7 Vanilla; 8 Ben Affleck; 9 Gustav Holst; 10 The Wurzels..