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also Kas·bah  (kăz′bä′, käz′-)
1. A castle or palace in northern Africa.
2. often casbah The older section of a city in northern Africa or the Middle East.

[French, from Arabic dialectal qaṣba, from Arabic qaṣaba, to cut up; see qṣb in Semitic roots.]


(Architecture) (sometimes capital) a variant spelling of kasbah


or Cas•bah

(ˈkæz bɑ, ˈkɑz-)

the older, native Arab quarter of a North African city, esp. Algiers.
[< Arabic qaṣabah citadel]
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Noun1.casbah - an older or native quarter of many cities in northern Africa; the quarter in which the citadel is located
quarter - a district of a city having some distinguishing character; "the Latin Quarter"
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