case knife

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case knife

1. A knife kept in a sheath or case.
2. A table knife.

case knife

(Tools) another name for sheath knife

case′ knife`

1. a sheath knife.
2. a table knife.

Case knife

A broad-bladed, rather dull kitchen knife.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: knife - a metal blade with a handle; used as cutlery
table knife - a knife used for eating at dining table
2.Case knife - a knife with a fixed blade that is carried in a sheathcase knife - a knife with a fixed blade that is carried in a sheath
knife - edge tool used as a cutting instrument; has a pointed blade with a sharp edge and a handle
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Contract Awarded for brief case knife safe lockable grey
The renovations, which are currently underway and expected to finish by the end of 2015, include a complete remodeling of the Case Cutlery factory that was originally constructed in 1975, including new equipment and floor configurations that will allow better efficiency, productivity and quality without affecting the hand-craftsmanship that goes into every Case knife.
He notes that, in a scene in which Tom and Huck discuss digging Jim out of a shed where's he's being imprisoned, Tom points out that this could take years, to which Huck replies: "Jim's too old to be dug out with a case knife.
The book contains a listing of the Alliance of Local Knife Clubs, information on collecting and maintenance, knife descriptions and styles, Case knife history and information, Queen cutlery, and Remington knives.