case load

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: load - the number of cases handled in a given period of time (as by a court or agency)
work load, workload - work that a person is expected to do in a specified time
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All in all, Sandiganbayan had a case load of 4,515 from January to November 2016, compared to 3,482 in 2015.
Around 288 counters would be setup in 104 Union Councils (UCs) of Bahawalpur on basis of estimated case load of 467,527.
Track-and-trace cameras inspect the case load prior to sealing, and incorrectly loaded cases are rejected automatically from the production stream.
In November, a social worker in the North Central office in Leominster had a case load of 57 children with 25 of those in DCF placement and was assigned another family with four children in December after Jeremiah Oliver was reported missing, said social worker Joseph Manna, who works in that office.
This is an excellent opportunity for an existing OT/PT provider to add childrens sevices or to expand thier business and case load.
While laws recommend a case load of 50-70 children per independent review officer (IRO), the average case load for IROs in Coventry was between 120-140 each.
In certain circumstances, a firm which has acquired a large share of an insolvent firm's case load will be considered as the Successor Firm - saddling it with certain of the liabilities and responsibilities of the failed practice.
Time management skills and the ability to prioritise a case load and to be adaptable.
The tutorials include child protection, whistle-blowing and addiction and will be added to the case load already featured on the GMC's interactive learning website.
Certainly, I cannot see many existing MPs wishing to take on a larger case load of constituents now that so much more time and care is going to be needed in filling in their expenses claim forms now that these are to be made public.
Your library of standards will grow as your case load and types of cases dictate.
Page Walley, director of the state Department of Human Resources, said the reduction in the error rate stemmed from hiring 35 more workers to reduce the case load per worker, improving the technology available to workers, and reviewing cases more thoroughly when problems appeared.

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