case system

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case′ sys`tem

a method of teaching law that focuses on analysis and discussion of selected cases rather than on textbook instruction.
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The collapse of the case system is less clear, since it is a loss, not the development of a new feature.
The model is used to simulate energy use from a base case system and show how it varies with ambient wet-bulb temperature.
Request for Proposal: 2015-63 land use permit & case system
India's case system was developed to segregate people based on hereditary occupations.
Christopher Columbus Langdell, the first dean of the Harvard Law School and the father of the case system of teaching law that is still the predominant method used in law schools today, was an early proponent of traditional or formal law.
The authors discuss the origins and outcomes in Italian and a variety of dialects of the definite article, which did not exist in Latin, Latin nouns (gender and number) with a brief discussion of the loss of the case system and the emergence of prepositions, verbs (present, future, conditional, passato prossimo and passato remoto), subject pronouns and possessives with kinship terms.
In comparison to the main parameters chosen in large language samples, the Central Veps local case system represents a less frequent pattern that shows paradigmatic overlapping between non-core local cases.
The Case system has dual hydrostatic pumps that deliver power to each track through large drive components.
I had the impression that the case system was constantly swelling; I counted seventeen cases, but after I had been on the island a year I discovered another, as if an inflexion had suddenly put out new shoots.
In this case system can ask any running task to interrupt its job and free RR, but has to wait for its response.
Chapter 3, on nouns and postpositions, discusses the case system in terms of the layered model articulated in Masica (1991: 232-5).
The structured COBOL sub-program code is then deployed into the business application system using Sodifrance's CASE system.