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Necrotic degeneration of bodily tissue into a soft, cheeselike substance.

[From Latin cāseus, cheese.]
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1. (Biochemistry) the formation of cheese from casein during the coagulation of milk
2. (Pathology) pathol the degeneration of dead tissue into a soft cheeselike mass
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(ˌkeɪ siˈeɪ ʃən)

1. transformation of tissue into a soft cheeselike mass, as in tuberculosis.
2. the formation of cheese from casein during the coagulation of milk.
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the change in consistency of tissue to a soft, cheeselike form, as in tuberculosis.
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the formation of cheese from casein during the coagulation of milk.
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In present study, of 06 patients diagnosed as having tuberculosis lymphadenitis only 01 patients had positive culture for mycobacterium tuberculosis, 2 patient had MTB Gene expat positive, 03 had typical histological findings of granuloma with caseation. The results of current study was in line of another study done by Eom et al in South Korea in which of 46 patients with IGL16, with tuberculosis and 30 with sarcoidosis were identified and Mtb culture were positive in (3/16) 19% patients the remaining 13 patients were diagnosed based on histological results or clinical or radiological improvement after anti-tuberculous treatment16.
HPE (Figure 5-6) showed granulomatous inflammation with no central caseation or foreign body
Biopsy of the large scalp lesion demonstrated dermal granulomatous inflammation without caseation (Figure 2).
Pleural biopsy or lymph node FNAC/biopsy shows well-formed granulomatous lesion composed of epithelioid and giant cells associated with caseation necrosis.
Five patients who suffered from disseminated tuberculosis had TB sputum smear negative (therefore underwent bronchoscopy) and were found to have chronic granulomatous inflammation with caseation necrosis on histopathology of the biopsy specimens as well as acid fast bacilli (AFB) smear positivity on bronchial washings/lavage specimen.
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Biopsy of a representative lesion was performed and the histological examination revealed the presence of tuberculoid granulomas accompanied by caseation necrosis.
Five different clinical presentations have been described: goiter with caseation, cold abscess formation, acute abscess, miliary tuberculosis, and chronic fibrosing tuberculosis [12, 18].
Biopsy of the thickened dura revealing necrotizing granulomatous inflammation with caseation with Langerhans giant cells will help to arrive at a definitive diagnosis in dural TB.
During the reproductive period, caseation is rare in tuberculous endometritis [7].
tuberculosis dysregulates the metabolism of lipids in the host and the progression of the granuloma until the caseation correlates with the high expression of the genes for lipid metabolism and sequestration [56]; in an apoE-/- mouse model, Martens et al.