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tr.v. case·hard·ened, case·hard·en·ing, case·hard·ens
1. To harden the surface or case of (iron or steel) by high-temperature shallow infusion of carbon followed by quenching.
2. To make callous or insensitive.


(ˈkeɪsˌhɑr dn)

1. to harden the surface of (an iron-based alloy) by carburizing and heat treatment, leaving the interior tough and ductile.
2. to make callous.
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To make resistant to hardship, especially through continued exposure:
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Obviously, the said principle is called to caseharden globally the system of contractual relations and its stability in football.
Some industrial suppliers offer exactly what's needed: black-oxide-coated, casehardened, flat steel washers, with a tight ID, an ample OD and a generous thickness.
Caption: The rolling-block action (above) is simple, strong and fast to operate.The frames were color casehardened (below).
I can see it beautifully re-blued with a casehardened frame and hammer and fitted with ivory stocks.
And the writer hoped the military authorities would "drop a note" to the Milton quintette and a few of the other "casehardened shirkers" who attend gatherings such as the sports when they should be doing their duty alongside those sacrificing themselves at the front.
The cams, which ride on casehardened axles and sealed bearings, are machined from 7075 aluminum alloy and anodized in one of three colors: black, orange or red.
Thus, the selection of an optimal mechanical process condition which enhances the fatigue performance of casehardened steels is the main concern of the present work, with the ultimate aim to understand from an experimental point of view how the mechanical process parameters affect the heat-treated surface and subsurface layer properties, which in turn influence the fatigue performance.
Also, unlike other High Walls in the Uberti line, which feature casehardened receivers, the Big Game Rifle sports a blued receiver and a ribbed rubber buttpad to help anchor the rifle and absorb recoil.
The Standard version has a casehardened frame, blued cylinder, EMF's brass backstrap and an Octagonal Blued Barrel.
I haven't tried this, but you can apparently have the casehardened parts annealed and then engrave the gun.
With that clownish inversion of reality, he transposed himself into the abused, "casehardened" Dickensian tumbling boy and thus into a parable.