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tr.v. case·hard·ened, case·hard·en·ing, case·hard·ens
1. To harden the surface or case of (iron or steel) by high-temperature shallow infusion of carbon followed by quenching.
2. To make callous or insensitive.
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He uses the centuries-old process of color casehardening, but has experimented and figured out a way to use this age-old technique on stainless steel.
Standard color case hardening is nice, and the bone-meal-pack color casehardening is exquisite.
The only sheet material that is not unduly affected by casehardening during laser profiling is aluminium, but even these components do not escape the vibratory bowl as flashes often form that need to be removed.
In order to minimize the sample preparation work and to avoid destroying parts of the drying batch by cutting out samples for prong or slicing tests, we want to predict the resulting deformation and therefore the drying quality concerning casehardening mathematically via the moisture distribution of the samples.