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1. A fortified enclosure for artillery on a warship.
2. An armored compartment for artillery on a rampart.

[French, from Italian casamatta : perhaps casa, house (from Latin casa) + matto, mad, crazy (from Latin mattus, drunk, past participle of madēre, to be drunk).]

case′mat′ed adj.


(Military) an armoured compartment in a ship or fortification in which guns are mounted
[C16: from French, from Italian casamatta, perhaps from Greek khasmata apertures, plural of khasma chasm]
ˈcaseˌmated adj



a chamber for a gun in a fortification or warship.
[1565–75; < Middle French < Italian casamatta]
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Overall, Casemate is to be congratulated for seeing fit to bring these works to public view, and one hopes that it will publish others, further illuminating an air war that still fascinates both with the scale of its combat operations and with its influence on subsequent warfare.
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beaucoup moins que] Dans le cadre de la lutte antiterroriste et en continuite de l'operation de recherches et de ratissage dans la localite d'El-Nechma, a El-Aouana, dans la wilaya de Jijel, 5e Region militaire, un detachement de l'Armee nationale populaire a decouvert, le 27 aout, une casemate, deux ateliers de fabrication de bombes artisanales et deux lance-missiles artisanaux.
Philadelphia and Newbury: Casemate, 2011 Photographs of artwork.
Une casemate a ete detruite et des armes ont ete recuperees par un detachement des forces de l'Armee nationale populaire suite a une operation menee dans le mont Oustili, dans la wilaya de Batna, a indique, hier, un communique du ministere de la Defense nationale.
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CASEMATE, a dead loss at the start of the year, has since emerged as Peter Makin's standard-bearer and notched his third win of the season when produced late by Amir Quinn to take the seven-furlong handicap.
Rappelons que lors d'operations de ratissage, lancees mardi dernier, dans certains massifs forestiers de la wilaya de Tizi Ouzou, les elements de l'ANP avaient decouvert, dans la region de Beni Douala, une casemate.
The book is published by Casemate, a leading publisher and distributor of history and military books.