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1. A fortified enclosure for artillery on a warship.
2. An armored compartment for artillery on a rampart.

[French, from Italian casamatta : perhaps casa, house (from Latin casa) + matto, mad, crazy (from Latin mattus, drunk, past participle of madēre, to be drunk).]

case′mat′ed adj.
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(Military) an armoured compartment in a ship or fortification in which guns are mounted
[C16: from French, from Italian casamatta, perhaps from Greek khasmata apertures, plural of khasma chasm]
ˈcaseˌmated adj
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a chamber for a gun in a fortification or warship.
[1565–75; < Middle French < Italian casamatta]
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"My lord," answered De Chavigny, with a low bow, "I have on the ramparts twenty pieces of artillery and in my casemates thirty thousand guns.
The governor was a sort of happy farmer, harvesting wines, figs, oil, and oranges, preserving his citrons and cedrates in the sun of his casemates. The fortress, encircled by a deep ditch, its only guardian, arose like three heads upon turrets connected with each other by terraces covered with moss.
Las Vegas, NV, April 30, 2019 --( Seeking to enhance the distribution of it titles worldwide and to provide the best possible experience for its authors and collaborators, Histria Books, a division of Histria LLC, is pleased to announce the conclusion of an exclusive worldwide sales, marketing, and distribution agreement with Casemate Group that will take effect on June 1, 2019.
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Overall, Casemate is to be congratulated for seeing fit to bring these works to public view, and one hopes that it will publish others, further illuminating an air war that still fascinates both with the scale of its combat operations and with its influence on subsequent warfare.
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of Teutoplis, IL, has acquired the CaseMate components division of VT Industries of Holstein, IA.
East of the turn, also on bedrock, is a north-south wall (Davidic?) and, on the eastern crest, the casemate wall (p.