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Noun1.casement window - a window with one or more casementscasement window - a window with one or more casements
window - a framework of wood or metal that contains a glass windowpane and is built into a wall or roof to admit light or air
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He turned to the casement window to show me that it was wide open.
Whether it was brought in by the birds of the air, or came blowing in with the very air itself, when the casement windows were set open; whether the baker brought it kneaded into the bread, or the milkman delivered it as part of the adulteration of his milk; or the housemaids, beating the dust out of their mats against the gateposts, received it in exchange deposited on the mats by the town atmosphere; certain it is that the news permeated every gable of the old building before Miss Twinkleton was down, and that Miss Twinkleton herself received it through Mrs.
The company's experienced installation team offers casement window, picture window, bow and bay window styles, as well as many others from the industry-leading TrimLine window manufacturers.
The existing hopper style windows will be modified to install a casement window to provide emergency escape/emergency rescue openings.
Another ventilation option is to install a casement window made entirely of plastic blocks.
The casement window was half open and a faint draft came into the room.
Press it on to the outside of the window frame where the opening casement window will press against it when closed.
Police believe they gained entry to the house through a small front window which had been left open, unlocking a large casement window.
Just like me they try to build shelter in impossible places: the outside ledge of a casement window thrown open every day.
However the continued contraction of the casement window market since its peak in 2003 has focused attention of this small but strategically important category.
The master bedroom boasts a sash casement window overlooking the garden.
The sitting room features a wooden casement window to the front and door connecting to the Orangery with stained and leaded light inset and matching panels to either side.