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also ca·serne  (kə-zûrn′)
A military barracks or garrison.

[French caserne, from Old French, small room for the night watch, from Old Provençal cazerna, group of four men, from Latin quaterna, four together, from Latin quaternī, by four; see quaternion.]


(kəˈzɜːn) or


(Military) (formerly) a billet or accommodation for soldiers in a town
[C17: from French caserne, from Old Provençal cazerna group of four men, ultimately from Latin quattuor four]


or ca•serne


a lodging for soldiers in a garrison town.
[1690–1700; < French caserne]
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Noun1.casern - military barracks in a garrison town
barrack - a building or group of buildings used to house military personnel
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9:00 Launching ceremony of a program on the development of procedures inside the Lebanese prisons, at Martyr Ibrahim Khoury casern, in presence of Interior Minister Rayya Hassan, Internal Security Forces' chief General Imad Othman and US Ambassador to Lebanon, Elizabeth Richard.
With a history starting in the 1930s as a Wehrmacht casern, the Ludwig Frank quartier still has three former crew accommodation buildings from that time period (Figure 1).
The Lebanese Army clarified, in a communiquEa, that as of 4:30 pm, six rockets sourcing from the Syrian side had hit the city of Hermel, with one falling inside an army casern in Doura Street.
If the decision is against the reconstruction of the old casern, the Gezi Park file will be closed.
To the backdrop of Basel's historic casern, bagpipers join brass instruments, flute players and folklore dancers during a number of parades and concerts.
In rejecting the defendant's argument that its "ability to live independently" requirement should be upheld because the Authority had only relied on it to turn down a small fraction of handicapped applicants (17 of 276), the Casern opinion pointed out that this requirement still had a substantial discriminatory effect on people with disabilities because "no non-handicapped persons" were denied housing on this basis.
24 (1) 55 (2) Work place 37 (1) 21 (1) Dormitory, military casern 56 (2) 9 (0) Bus/train, etc.