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The transportation of a wounded person, usually by air, from an area of military conflict to an area where medical care can be provided.
tr.v. cas·e·vaced, cas·e·vac·ing, cas·e·vacs
To transport (a wounded person) from an area of military conflict to an area where medical care can be provided.

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to evacuate (a casualty) from a combat zone, usually by air
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Similarly, Afghan operational networks such as CASEVAC or air transportation can be analyzed as systems of interconnected systems.
The CASEVAC was arranged for the next morning and another ordeal of a road trip in the ambulance took me to the airstrip where the plane met us.
The police reached up their own chain of command to make a request to the Ministry of Defense (MoD), for rotary wing CASEVAC support.
After that, we were to shut down and assume the role of casualty-evacuation (CasEvac) standby in support of battalion landing-team (BLT) training at resupply point-1 (RSP-1).
It had been a quiet night with no calls for casualty evacuation (CASEVAC), for which I was on 60-minute standby.
The primary duties of the Iraqi air force are distinguished-visitor (DV) transport, logistics support to ground forces, casualty evacuations (CASEVAC) surveillance, air mobility to special-operations forces (SOF), and security patrols.
The casevac doctor told him she had been at a wedding in South Africa 10 days previously where several guests suffered food poisoning for which she was treated upon her return to Zambia.
The aircraft has already been cleared for roles such as search and rescue, command and control, CASEVAC, trooping and cargo slinging.
1300 -- The OTM NCO heads over to the NCOLTP as an instructor to train 60 NCOs from three different units in leader CASEVAC procedures and how to write an OPORD that focuses on getting leaders to identify implied, and not just specified, tasks.
Brand, NC, USNR, en route care nurse, "Experience of USMC CASEVAC and MEDEVAC Operations during OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom)-II," PowerPoint presentation, FRSS [Forward Resuscitation and Surgical System] 1, Combat Service Support Group 15; Lt.
During its recent deployment to Iraq the squadron operated from Al Taqaddam, flying casualty evacuation (CASEVAC), medical evacuation (MEDEVAC), and other assault and support missions, responding to calls from anywhere in Al Anbar Province.
The mission was categorized as a casualty evacuation (CASEVAC)/ medical evacuation (MEDEVAC).