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African Republic (MINUSCA), to provide primarily emergency CASEVAC / MEDEVAC on a 24/7 basis.
Similarly, Afghan operational networks such as CASEVAC or air transportation can be analyzed as systems of interconnected systems.
The CASEVAC was arranged for the next morning and another ordeal of a road trip in the ambulance took me to the airstrip where the plane met us.
The police reached up their own chain of command to make a request to the Ministry of Defense (MoD), for rotary wing CASEVAC support.
When we finished this deployment we all had great satisfaction knowing that we made a difference to someone's life as a result of standing around the clock CASEVAC mission for 7 months in the II MEF area of responsibility.
The operation came to a screeching halt; CASEVAC was now the priority.
A retrospective evaluation of the 84 Special Operations fatalities in the GWOT has found that 12 of the 84 SOF fatalities were potentially preventable, largely by either improved adherence to TCCC recommendations (tourniquets, surgical airways to intubation, hemostatic agents, needle thoracostomy, the availability of blood products in CASEVAC platforms) or faster evacuation times.
CASEVAC is the immediate (the advantage) evacuation of casualties, usually in mass, with no expectation of en route care.
A USAF air advisor participated in the operation, but this mission marked only the second time that AAF personnel had planned and led a real-world CASEVAC mission.
Secondly, the military possesses, or should possess, the requisite assets, including air support and CASEVAC if necessary.
Our treatment rendered in the arenas of Tactical Field Care and CASEVAC also bore out many of the TCCC principles.