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The catering sector is optimized and together with the cash desk.
You can purchase your Chip Purse at the first floor cash desk.
Flanked by two bodyguards, he can be seen taking the white socks to the cash desk before realising he has the wrong size.
We had just sat at down at the table and could hear loud screaming and everyone running everywhere, only to get up and see five or six masked men with guns machetes and hammers," she said "They screamed at us and told us to lay down on the floor while snatching phones off people and headed for the casino cash desk.
GELSENKIRCHEN, Germany, Safar 10, 1437, November 22, 2015, SPA -- Numerous people were injured, some seriously, in what police have described as an "extremely violent attack" by some Bayern Munich and Bochum fans who attempted to storm a cash desk at Schalke's stadium on Saturday.
It was a change from his previous You Tube films which have seen him dancing in swimming trunks on a cash desk at Asda and being chased by three men in the town centre.
Paul Hudson, who runs the society's Elvet Bridge branch, swapped the cash desk for the mixing desk during a visit to Durham Hospitals Radio's studios at the University Hospital of North Durham.
The outdoor pool was labelled 'closed' (one finds this out after you have paid your admission at the cash desk, no statement of open or closed on the outside door).
This was the first cinema he worked in - his mother worked on the cash desk and he used to see those classic films of the 50s there.
Riyadh: Members of Saudi Arabia's religious police roughed up a British resident of Riyadh after they caught him paying at a women-only cash desk, local media reported on Monday.
Having retired as a cash desk clerk owing to his ill health, he was incapable of paying even a fraction of the initial Dh40,000 the hospital had initially quoted for his operation.
The manager at the cash desk in the car park told me that the manhole has been left uncovered for at least the past four weeks or more.