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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: equivalent - a highly liquid debt instrument with maturities of less than three months
certificate of indebtedness, debt instrument, obligation - a written promise to repay a debt
commercial paper - an unsecured and unregistered short-term obligation issued by an institutional borrower to investors who have temporarily idle cash
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Instead, they must either use the days or have the employer automatically contribute the cash equivalent to the retirement plan.
By using a cash equivalent approach, the courts held that the deduction should be permitted to maintain this conformity.
* A mortgage, deed or trust, or other security in property (other than cash or a cash equivalent).
The conditions for Qatari nationals to avail the facility include passport validity for at least six months, a confirmed return ticket and possession of cash equivalent to $1,500/valid credit card.
Exhibit 3 Unresolved Cash Flow Issues * Use of the "cash equivalent" concept * Definition of restricted cash * Required use of the direct method for reporting operating activities * Required reconciliation of net income to net cash flow operating activities * Classification of interest and dividend received and interest payments * Reporting situations using gross and net flows Gross and Net Cash Flows
business' working capital and cash equivalent balances of approximately $345 million on Dec.
The minimum exchange value of 1 kg of non-hazardous and recyclable plastic waste is 1 kg of commercial quality rice or its cash equivalent, while 1 kg of metallic, non-hazardous, recyclable waste is 2 kgs of commercial quality rice or its cash equivalent.
31, 2016 the state hospital has a total of P1.865 billion "cash and cash equivalent" that remains intact P1.03 billion of which is under "special high yield savings deposits," P833.234 million under "cash on hand and in banks" and P2.084 million under "time deposits." In its Financial Statement incorporated in the COA report, the PCMC said part of its remaining P1.865 billion "cash and cash equivalent" is the amount of P1.15 billion recorded under the item "Due to Other Funds-DOH.
The starting point for a divorce settlement on pensions is to request a cash equivalent transfer value from the pension trustees.
At the end of September, Motech possessed cash equivalent of NT$10.3 billion, with debt ratio reaching 52% and Neo Solar owned cash equivalent of NT$4.453 billion, with debt ratio amounting to only 41%.
At Walmart stores, the majority of transactions are paid for with cash or a cash equivalent, including debit cards.