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Adj.1.cashable - able to be converted into ready money or the equivalent; "a cashable check"; "cashable gambling chips"; "redeemable stocks and bonds"; "a redeemable coupon"
convertible, exchangeable - capable of being exchanged for or replaced by something of equal value; "convertible securities"
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But over backers were blanked because a standing universal house rule stipulates that an NFL game must go a minimum 55 minutes before wagers are cashable.
As at March 31, 2015 the Institute held $825,000 of investments in the form of two 12 month cashable GICs earning interest at rates between 1.05% and 1.40%, which mature between April 21, 2015 and March 30, 2016.
'Having said that, please make sure to withdraw all your cashable balance by the 28th of June in order to ensure that you get your money in due time,' it said.
The cash reserves in consolidated financial statement refer to a combination of cash, cashable assets, short-term financial products that can easily be monetised and deposits in financial organisations.
Mirae Asset Daewoo analyst Jeong Dae-ro also said, "Samsung SDS is expected to actively attempt to clinch M and A deals by utilizing its cashable assets."
An IOU cashable in 2023 is an obvious scam - tomorrow belongs to God, not to any mortal.
HB 331 closed out the remaining debt the State of Alaska incurred under the defunct cashable tax credit program.
It will carry articles, blogs, tips and comments from users, who can receive cashable reward points for their input.
Traders are provided credit against 25% cash deposits (including cashable collaterals) for eligible securities in category 'A', while this cash deposit margin for class 'B' has been increased to 30%, he added.
Pig-rearing was a valuable cashable asset in addition to rice cultivation, with the majority of pigs raised in low-input systems (1 to 15 pigs per household).
Just as Waugh noted that any man could get a job in a private school, as long as he "spoke without an accent" (ALL 215), the most desirable (and cashable) trait in a Victorian governess was her gentility, and the manners, deportment and accent that entailed.