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A book in which a record of cash receipts and expenditures is kept.



a book in which to record money received and paid out.


[ˈkæʃbʊk] Nlibro m de caja


[ˈkæʃbʊk] nlivre m de caissecash box ncaisse fcash card ncarte f de retraitcash cow n (= product) → vache f à lait (= investment) → mine f d'orcash crop nculture f de rapportcash desk n [shop] → caisse fcash discount nescompte m de caisse (pour paiement au comptant), remise f au comptantcash dispenser ndistributeur m de billets (de banque), distributeur m automatique de billets
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Those gilded cashbooks, drawers locked like gates of fortresses, heaps of bank-bills, come from I know not where, and the quantities of letters from England, Holland, Spain, India, China, and Peru, have generally a strange influence on a father's mind, and make him forget that there is in the world an interest greater and more sacred than the good opinion of his correspondents.
Curiously, the powerful ministry does not maintain a cashbook, bank reconciliations and related payment records in support of the numerous cash withdrawals and deposits.
These include Cashbook Expense Tracker for Android, Expenditure for iOS, Expense Manager for Android, and Expensify for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Palm.
We have one customer, a cashbook and general ledger user, who joined us in 1982.
He told the Cihan news agency that the only things that were put down on the police records following the search were books about Prophet Mohammed, a magazine and a cashbook.
She was in charge maintaining the company's cashbook and was aware of all its monetary transaction details, investment ventures both in India and abroad, and money market collection data.
This initially meant assessing the cashbook, which was sent to me in advance, setting up a budgeting and monthly reporting model and training local staff.
That's the premise of Vancouver, British Columbia-based software company Pennyminder's Cashbook, a personal financial management tool that interfaces with credit unions' core banking systems and sends alerts to members' mobile devices, keeping them informed of where their budgets stand at all times.
1) Frontier Days Committee, Cashbook 1912 (Calgary: Calgary Stampede Archives), 7.
He said that it was written in the cashbook of the ministry that details of the money spent from the secret fund would not be disclosed to the public.
She is responsible for checking the bed lists, raising fee invoices, record payments, balance cashbook accounts, reconciliation and credit control.