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Casket, Casquet

 a small chest, as of jewels; a selection of literary or musical gems.
Examples: casket of jewels; of literary selections; of musical selections; of songs, 1850.
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Noun1.Casquet - a light open casque without a visor or beavercasquet - a light open casque without a visor or beaver
casque - (15-16th century) any armor for the head; usually ornate without a visor
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The only variable that might be related to market conditions is the unemployment rate, which is found to have a positive impact on the education demand, at least in Casquet (2003) and Petrongolo and San Segundo (2002).
CAST: Victor Ezenfis, Natacha Regnier, Fabrizio Rongione, Mathieu Amalric, Marla de Medeiros, Julia de Casquet, Jacques Bonnaffe, Christelle Prot, Adrien Michaux
Se trata de un macizo o batolito granitico de origen herciniano a modo de estribo del sector de Gredos en el Sistema Central (Doblas, Capote y Casquet, 1983: 27-38; Mapa Geologico de Espana, Hoja 602: 16-24).
The ship approached the Channel Islands in a strong northwesterly gale and was forced onto the treacherous Casquet reefs where it sank off the tiny island of Brecqhou.
Se refiere al primero como "The casquet of priceless jewels, sufficient to tempt a Diogenes from his tub, or an anchorite from his cell / El cofre de joyas valiosas, suficiente para tentar a un Diogenes a salir de su tonel o un anacoreta de su celda" (Clifford, 1861: 32).
Most likely a metasomatic process was responsible, as suggested by Casquet and Velasco (1978) and Casquet (1991) for the Santa Olalla skarns, which are very similar to the skarn at the Nueva Vizcaya mine.
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