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 (kăz′ə-mîr′, kăs′-)
A plain or twilled woolen or cotton cloth used for suits.

[Variant of cashmere.]


(ˈkæsɪˌmɪə) or


(Textiles) a woollen suiting cloth of plain or twill weave
[C18: variant of cashmere, from Kashmir]


(ˈkæs əˌmɪər)

a usu. twill-weave, wool or worsted fabric for suits.
[1695–1705; variant of cashmere]
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Getting Back to Abnormal'' takes Head's re-election efforts "as the spine'' while also weaving in other stories and elements, including commentary from New Orleans cultural figures like "Treme'' creator David Simon, ex-councilman Oliver Thomas, historian Raphael Cassimere, radio hosts Paul Beaulieu and John Slade and attorney Buddy Lemann.
The words and presenters for this year's retreat were: Shalom by Beth Gordon, Hope by Myrna Cassimere, Faith by Lanet Owen, Trust by Debbie Seider, Laugh by Andy West, Mission by Maureen Daniels, Wonder by Paulette Golden, Mystery by Mary Diane Steltenkamp, Forgiveness by Andy West, and Prayer by Faith Roberts.
Cassimere, Raphael, 1995, African Americans in New Orleans before the Civil War.
Cassimere remembers the Kennedys, Joe and Feltus, as collegians intensely active in the struggle for equal opportunities.
Twenty-three new and additional faculty attended an orientation to the Parish Nurse Basic Preparation curriculum, with course instructors Debbie Seider, JoVeta Wescott, Faith Roberts, Nancy Wagner, Myrna Cassimere, Vicki Gustafson, and Sharon Hinton.
A Working Group of the committee, composed of Myrna Cassimere, Paulette Golden, Sheila Grigsby, Tammy Kiser, JoVeta Wescott, and Ruth Williams, finalized a survey designed to obtain information from practicing parish nurses describing their practice.
The following is the summary of a research project conducted by Myrna Cassimere, PhD, RN, Consultant at the McFarland Institute in New Orleans and two students from Loyola University in New Orleans-Shawnette Gaines, RN, and Nicole Green, RN, AND.
Faculty who worked on this project include Myrna Cassimere, Paulette Golden, Sheila Grigsby, Tammy Kiser, JoVeta Wescott, and Ruth Williams.
Rago Durbin, MS, RN, Director, Parish Nurse Ministry at Advocate Health Care, Park Ridge, IL; Mary Slutz, MHCA, BS, RN, Coordinator Parish Nurse Program, Trinity Medical Center, Moline, IL; Myrna Cassimere, RN, PhD, Academic Coordinator, The McFarland Institute, New Orleans, LA; Cassandra Graham, RN, BSN, MOAM, Nursing Administration Manager, Medical Center of Plano, Plano, TX; and Barbara Wehling, RN, PhD, Curriculum Coordinator, IPNRC.
This year all faculty will attend a special presentation, "Surviving and Thriving in the Post- Katrina World" presented by Cassandra Graham, Myrna Cassimere, Frances Hawkins, and Becky Seymour.