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 (kə-sō′nā, -nē)
n. pl. cas·son·ni (-nē)
A large, long, usually ornate chest, popular in Renaissance Italy and used especially to hold a bride's dowry goods or other possessions.

[Italian, from Old Italian, augmentative of cassa, box, case, from Latin capsa.]


(Furniture) a highly-decorated, Italian dowry chest
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There was the huge Italian cassone, with its fantastically painted panels and its tarnished gilt mouldings, in which he had so often hidden himself as a boy.
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Some intriguing lots come to the block in London this month, including a highly decorated Renaissance cassone panel and a pair of medieval marble lions.
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Medsonix was invented by a former contractor for the US Navy, Alphonse 'Al' Cassone, an American engineer who experimented with sound waves for 15 years.
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