Franklin stove

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Franklin stove
Burning wood above a cold-air duct heats air which then passes through baffles and is released through vents on each side of the stove.

Franklin stove

A cast-iron heating stove shaped like a fireplace but employing metal baffles to increase its heating efficiency.

[After Benjamin Franklin.]

Frank′lin stove′

a cast-iron stove having the general form of a fireplace with the front open and often fitted with doors.
[1780–90, Amer.; after Benjamin Franklin, who designed it]
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Newman had sat with Western humorists in knots, round cast-iron stoves, and seen "tall" stories grow taller without toppling over, and his own imagination had learned the trick of piling up consistent wonders.
Grandma's was an enameled, cast-iron stove, all cream-colored with green trim.
e lounge features stripped wood ooring, a cast-iron stove set with a chimney recess set within a slate hearth and a double-glazed bay window, which aords excellent views over Old Moat Park.
The low, bulging cast-iron stove was firmly connected to the architecture of the exhibition space by a shiny new tin stovepipe.
With an original exposed beamed ceiling, recessed spotlights, ceramic tiled floor, lime washed walls, it provides a cosy living space with a cast-iron stove set on a stone hearth and built-in bookshelves.
and loose in the cab like holiday popcorn on a cast-iron stove.
There is also cloakroom, a drawing room, a dining room with a cast-iron stove and a beamed ceiling, and a drawing room with views.
I rust blued the action with Pilkington's Rust Blue, heat blued the other parts on a cast-iron stove lid over the gas range and finished the stock with Pilkington's Oil Finish.
The sitting room's mantel-beamed open "inglenook" is inset with a cast-iron stove.
He also invented the Franklin stove, a cast-iron stove that heated much more efficiently than an open fireplace.
Milan Ramsey believes this cast-iron stove was most likely used in an early beauty shop to heat two curling irons at the same time.