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1. Furnished with turrets and battlements in the style of a castle.
2. Having a castle.

[Medieval Latin castellātus, past participle of castellāre, to fortify as a castle, from Latin castellum, fort; see castle.]

cas′tel·la′tion n.
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All along the ridge the rock cropped out, bare and bleak, but broken in rough natural castellation. The form of the ridge was a segment of a circle, with the higher points inland to the west.
Alison Wright follows with an examination of Lorenzo's appropriation and use of princely imagery, whilst Amanda Lillie explores Medicean (and Pazzi) use of castellation in the architecture of their country residences.
And the ancient society has declared war on Scottish football clubs that use heraldic symbols on their crests such as crowns, a lion rampant or bricks (castellation) which look like a turret above a shield or flag.
It has a substantial square bay window with castellation above, intricate designs to the windows and the glazing in the front door, decorative pediment over the entrance, oval and arched windows, all topped off by the wonderful curved gable.
The Grand Power K100 X-Trim has all the features of the K100, but with a revealed barrel together with an emphasized castellation of the slide offering an attractive design and lessening pistol weight.