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1. Furnished with turrets and battlements in the style of a castle.
2. Having a castle.

[Medieval Latin castellātus, past participle of castellāre, to fortify as a castle, from Latin castellum, fort; see castle.]

cas′tel·la′tion n.
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All along the ridge the rock cropped out, bare and bleak, but broken in rough natural castellation.
Features such as large bay windows with castellations, detailed stonework and mansard roofs were what helped the project attract such warranted plaudits.
sets of skew stones, plus castellations in 2 places.
The five-and six-story schools in this part stand above the three story streets like chaotic castellations.
While this baronial mansion, complete with towers and castellations, is still the home of the 25th chief of the MacLachlan Clan, you can now rent the self-contained seven-bedroomed wing (sleeping up to 15).
In 1835, they built Arrowe Hall, now private residences with many chimneys casting shadows over the castellations.
Otherwise, the mosque and minaret display many of the Features which were to become typical of later Moroccan architecture--the wide band of ceramic inlay near the top, the pyramid-shaped castellations of Merlons above, the use of Darj W Ktarf (fleur de lis), plus the alternation of patterning on different facets.
Bran CastlePerched on a rocky bluff in Transylvania, in a mass of turrets and castellations, Bran Castle overlooks a desolate mountain pass.
He went to town on his lavish home, creating a fantastical structure with tall castellations and powerful Gothic influences.
The romantic turrets and castellations give this grand property a majestic presence with its views of the Montgomeryshire and Shropshire Hills - a testament to its rich heritage.
With the profile of the plywood cut into chamfered castellations that step in and out, each panel neatly interlocks.