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tr.v. cas·ti·gat·ed, cas·ti·gat·ing, cas·ti·gates
To punish or rebuke severely. See Synonyms at punish.

[Latin castīgāre, castīgāt-, from castus, pure; see kes- in Indo-European roots.]

cas′ti·ga′tion n.
cas′ti·ga′tor n.
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Acord-cadru de furnizare piese si accesorii pentru vehicule si pentru motoare de vehicule care se va ncheia cu un singur operator economic, declarat castigator, pentru fiecare lot si in baza caruia se vor semna contractele subsecvente de furnizare piese si accesorii pentru vehicule si pentru motoare de vehicule.
This was a consequence of the aforementioned circumstances, as well as the sheer servility of the young cadres, whose "radicalism" actually manifested itself more in music critique than their own work, against the government in which the post of Minister of Culture was held by the two generations older historian and musicologist Zdenek Nejedly, a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, a relentless promoter of Bedrich Smetana and castigator of Antonin Dvorak and Leos Janacek, or the leadership of the Union of Czechoslovak Composers, helmed too by figures who had joined the Communist Party back during the period of the inter-war republic.
Nor can Cicero's republicanism have greatly offended More, who was from his earliest days suspicious of the ever-growing threat of monarchical power (perhaps then in the church as well as in the state), (3) who was later castigator, in the spirit of Sallust and of Augustine himself, of the excesses--the libido dominandi--of Richard
motivated lay) castigator of denialists--to believe oneself superior whilst simply dismissing their reasons for believing differently.
ca sa se auda doar Glasul Lui--singurul utilizabil si garantat castigator
drept un nou succes al regimului (69); in realitate Frontul era marele castigator al unei curse cu un singur participant.
O discutie cu cineastul Marian Crisan, castigator la Cannes in 2008.
The former Minister of Education of the federal state Hessen, Karin Wolff (CDU),--a castigator of the IZBB--explained the 'slackening' as follows.
He is aware of the worst and the possibilities for good in his protagonist and is neither his castigator nor his advocate.
It is no surprise that Alexander Pope, that most venomous castigator of his critics, found congenial sentiments in the House of Fame.
Political cartoonist Patrick Oliphant examines how this "once-potent galvanizer of opinion, the kick-starter of conversation and discussion, has been allowed to atrophy from disuse and is, after several centuries of successful use as a castigator and common scold of the body politic, in great jeopardy of fading away altogether.
Cicero in his De officiis is the teacher of virtues, while Sallust is the castigator of vices; but the members of the circle focus on poets primarily.