castile soap

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Castile soap

also cas·tile soap  (kăs-tēl′)
A soap made with vegetable oil, especially olive oil, and sodium hydroxide.

[After Castile.]
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Castile soap

(Elements & Compounds) a hard soap made from olive oil and sodium hydroxide
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Noun1.castile soap - a good hard soap made from olive oil and sodium hydroxide
soap - a cleansing agent made from the salts of vegetable or animal fats
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1 tbsp castile soap, 15 drops lemon essential oil, 2 cups water
It is called a Castile soap, since it originated in the Spanish region of Castile.
Therapists dunk a Turkish-style sarong onto a bubbly bowl of water with castile soap, an olive oil-based bar known for its nourishing and moisturizing properties.
* The origins of castile soap are elusive and go back many centuries.
Castile soap is made of 100% natural plant oils and removes grease.
Instead of buying cleaning products, they use baking soda for scrubbing jobs, vinegar for mildew, and castile soap on floor and sinks.
"I also buy a few key ingredients, from essential oils to a useful natural soap called Liquid Castile Soap, that has a myriad of applications.
5 Castile soap. In certain sectors, castile soap enjoys a virtual cult following.
They suggest that teenagers start with their Mineral Castile Soap and Original Clay Mask.
Thus, a daily dish soap recipe calling for only two ingredients can be made using drops of any kind of essential oil one is partial to, counter cleaners of vinegar and water can include lemon-scented oil, and a tub scrubber can be made using vitamin C tablets and castile soap.