casting director

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cast′ing direc`tor

the person responsible for selecting the cast of a theatrical production, motion picture, etc.
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He has also been working on the television show Nessyane, as the production manager and casting director.
Daniel John Williams has travelled the world as an actor, director and casting director but said his home is in Teesside.
Synopsis: As a casting director for twenty-three years, Holly Powell witnessed the casting world from three different points of view: As an independent casting director, as Head of Casting for a Studio, and as a Network Casting Executive.
22, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Emmy Award-winning casting director and talent executive Robi Reed held her legendary end-of-summer event, "Robi Reed's 12[sup.
New York, November 11 ( ANI ): Casting director Jen Rudin has revealed in her book 'Confessions of a Casting Director' that Beyonce refused to audition for 'Princess and the Frog', which helped her miss out on the Disney film.
The authors have diverse credentials: Catliff is primarially a casting director and works in the UK, Granville (Director, Northern Film School, Leeds Metropolitan U.
They were sent by a Bollywood casting director over the past few months.
The Crime Branch, which is also probing the scandal apart from Special Cell of Delhi Police, had on Monday questioned a casting director who sent photographs of models to S Sreesanth and summoned a Telugu film producer having business links with the tainted India pacer.
TOP children's casting director Jo Hawes is in Brighouse this weekend to pass on tips about the art of auditioning.
I went to see all the actors I represent in productions before I signed them and I knew they were all great, but there were lots of times when it still didn't help trying to get a casting director to see them.
We usually say it's easier to get into Harvard," said Damon Furberg, supervising casting director.
If you've had a strong audition, a director may be interested in you for future jobs, says Laura Stanczyk, casting director for Dirty Dancing.