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 (kăst′ôf′, -ŏf′)
1. One that has been discarded.
2. Printing A calculation of the amount of space a manuscript will occupy when set into type.
adj. also cast-off
Discarded; rejected.
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(ˈkæstˌɔf, -ˌɒf, ˈkɑst-)

1. thrown away; discarded.
2. one that has been cast off.
3. the estimate by a compositor of how many pages copy will occupy when set in type.
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[ˈkɑːstɒf] n (garment) → indumento or vestito smesso
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References in classic literature ?
An artist friend fitted her out with his castoff palettes, brushes, and colors, and she daubed away, producing pastoral and marine views such as were never seen on land or sea.
The philanthropist too often surrounds mankind with the remembrance of his own castoff griefs as an atmosphere, and calls it sympathy.
This is an essential public service that forms a part of everyday life for many people and we are having these castoff, uncomfortable, unwanted London Underground trains forced upon us!
The use of castoff materials in creating art is not new--think back to Dada daddy Marcel Duchamp-but this show, organized by curator of modern and contemporary art Matthew McLendon, offers fresh ways to look at pieces that utilize "garbage," shedding light on three themes: identity, index and environment.
It will feature hands-on activities and informational booths as well as the highlight - a family-friendly, "upcycled" art and fashion show with clothing made from castoff, recyclable and reused materials in the categories of day wear, evening wear and costume.
For its inaugural campaign, SILK is honoring Lynn Donovan and her family, volunteers for Castoff Pet Rescue of Blairsville, Georgia.
A Godolphin castoff who ran just twice in Britain, Mutasareb cost just pounds 4,200 at Doncaster in April.
She sits by the hour by the castoff topper of the pickup truck.
Given that there has been some talk of bamboo clothing not being as eco-friendly as it claims particularly when it's sourced from unsustainable forests banana fiber, made from castoff leaves and bark, may be the greatest thing in eco-friendly clothing since hemp.