casualty department

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قِسْمُ إصابات الحَوادِث
úrazové oddělení
baleseti osztály
oddelenie úrazov
ilk yardım kısmı

casualty department

n (Brit) → pronto soccorso


(ˈkӕʒuəlti) plural ˈcasualties noun
a person who is wounded or killed in a battle, accident etc. There were hundreds of casualties when the factory went on fire.
casualty department
a hospital department for treating accidental injuries.
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She was a gray-haired woman of masculine appearance, who had been night-nurse in the casualty department for twenty years.
LARKANA -- Relatives of a 20-year-old man, who was found dead in his employer's office on Thursday, went on the rampage at the casualty department of the Chandka Medical College Hospital (CMCH) over delay in the performance of his post-mortem examination.
The present study was conducted to scrutinize different categories of medico legal cases and characteristics of the victims at casualty department of tertiary care hospital Rawalpindi.
PESHAWAR -- The spokesman of MTI KTH clarified a news clip regarding amputated leg outside Casualty Department on-aired on electronic channel, strongly clarified that the said amputated leg is not concerned with this hospital.
Reto Stocker, head of the ICRC delegation in Pakistan, said, "We are shocked to see so many innocent people killed in cold blood just outside the casualty department of the Civil Hospital in Quetta.
Prior to joining Aspen, he served as vice president and head of primary casualty for capspecialty, where he launched the primary casualty department, developing underwriting guidelines, coverage forms, and a comprehensive distribution strategy.
The expediency of principle THE casualty department at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary will be busy with people on Christmas Day .
24 Hours In A&E C4, 9pm This is count-yourblessings TV and the best way to see inside an overcrowded casualty department - from the comfort of your sofa.
A POLICEMAN has been suspended after allegedly threatening to shoot a patient with a Taser in a casualty department.
A senior doctor of Emergency and Casualty Department of CHK, told that the dead also included four women and two children besides elderly men.
Sent by my GP to the casualty department of the Alexander Hospital in Redditch, I was able to view for the next three days, the 24 hour working of a local county infirmary.
2) Providing basic services in a tertiary hospital casualty department creates problems for the casualty department and for the entire healthcare system.

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