casualty department

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قِسْمُ إصابات الحَوادِث
úrazové oddělení
baleseti osztály
oddelenie úrazov
ilk yardım kısmı

casualty department

n (Brit) → pronto soccorso
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(ˈkӕʒuəlti) plural ˈcasualties noun
a person who is wounded or killed in a battle, accident etc. There were hundreds of casualties when the factory went on fire.
casualty department
a hospital department for treating accidental injuries.
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She was a gray-haired woman of masculine appearance, who had been night-nurse in the casualty department for twenty years.
In many referral hospitals, private vehicles are not allowed to park outside emergency and casualty departments. Dr Mburu cited the recent murder incident at the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret where Ms Ivy Wangechi, a final year Medicine student was hacked to death.
The projects include the rehabilitation and upgrading of the casualty departments of a hospital in Al-Aroussa town, Siliana governorate, at a cost of USD 368,000, and similar projects in Kairouan, Monastir, Gafsa, Sousse, Kebili and Tozeur, he added.
The Government and our hard-working NHS staff are to be congratulated for exceeding the 95 per cent target rate for patients to be dealt with in four hours, especially at a time when hard-pressed staff come under even more pressure at busy casualty departments.
Casualty departments are there for those with serious or life-threatening conditions, not for the trivial or attention-seekers.
But this year will be more critical than ever because casualty departments are suffering a chronic shortage of doctors, nurses and consultants.
Mr Hunt told the House of Commons earlier this week that care failures in Wales were increasing pressure on casualty departments in England, with a 10% rise in Welsh patients using A&E services in hospitals on the English side of the border since 2010.
Four in 10 crisis-hit casualty departments are said to be hiring GPs - whose average yearly pay is PS104,000 - to help treat soaring numbers of patients.
Thousands of patients were waiting in ambulance queues outside hospitals this Christmas, because casualty departments are too busy to admit them as Tory cuts leave staffing levels at breaking point.
However, the emergency / casualty departments were remained opened to provide emergency treatment to the patients there.
I was able to witness at first hand the traumas and emergencies experienced daily by casualty departments, and medical assessment units.

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