cat's eye

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:'s eye - any of various gems (as chrysoberyl or chalcedony) that reflect light when cut in a rounded shape
opaque gem - a gemstone that is opaque
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The cardinal related yesterday while playing with the king, with an air of condolence very displeasing to me, that the day before yesterday those DAMNED MUSKETEERS, those DAREDEVILS--he dwelt upon those words with an ironical tone still more displeasing to me--those BRAGGARTS, added he, glancing at me with his tiger- cat's eye, had made a riot in the Rue Ferou in a cabaret, and that a party of his Guards (I thought he was going to laugh in my face) had been forced to arrest the rioters!
Fully a dozen feet in length, with the unmistakable phosphorescent cat's eye gleaming like a drowning star, I knew it for what it was, a tiger shark.
Before they could go to meet her, however, she appeared in the doorway looking like an unusually tall mummy in her waterproof, with her glasses shining like cat's eyes from the depths of the hood.
A sizeable crowd of the equine sports connoisseurs attended Sunday's races Bay filly, Cat's Eye who was beaten last Sunday in a dismal performance made amends and grabbed the top honours in the fourth race in a runaway style to give owner Allah Yar Chishty a big consolation.
ISLAMABAD:The capital's road commuters Tuesday demanded removal of archaic metal cat's eye on Kashmir Highway Near Margalla Hotel which were posing serious threat to their lives and inflicting damage to the vehicles.
Percy Shaw's invention - the cat's eye (right) - has proved |a life-saver, but may now be phased out by the government
Claim your patch of sand with a Safari print 100% cotton beach towel from BHS, was pounds 17 now just pounds 8.50 CAT'S eye sunglasses have been big trend news this summer, but if you don't want to go the full Dame Edna then these Tortoiseshell cats eye sunglasses, pounds 16, from Topshop are a subtler sexy option.
One, the Cats Eye Nebula C6, boasts a bright central star which looks like the glint in the cat's eye. The sixth stamp shows The Spindle, a galaxy 32 million light years away which holds a black hole around one billion times the size of our sun.
The prototype should provide a good guide to what we can expect from the Spanish firm's future models, such as a large radiator grille bearing the brand badge, highlighted by cat's eye headlamps.
These shimmering gas bubbles, which come in a rainbow of colors, take on intriguing shapes including teardrops, shells, a cat's eye, doughnuts, and hourglasses.
MARMADUKE the frog's loopy love-life could be the death of him - he's fallen for a CAT'S EYE in the middle of a busy road.
He informed that one of his friend recently bore a serious injury as a nail of broken cat's eye penetrated inside his head.