cat box

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cat′ box`

1. a box holding cat litter.
2. a region of DNA containing the base sequence GCCAAT, associated with a family of DNA-binding proteins that affect gene expression.
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receptacle - a container that is used to put or keep things in
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Princess Puffybottom and Darryl by Susin Nielsen and Olivia Chin Mueller (9781101919255, $17.99) tells of a spoiled cat who leads a perfect life: she has subjects to serve her delicious meals, they clean her cat box, and she even permits them to pet her.
The album will be produced by Siegfried Meier (Face To Face, The Salads, Kittie, DMX, Velvet Revolver), and recorded at Meier's new studio, The Cat Box, in Cambridge, Ontario.
Like the time he drove four hours when I had mono to bring me clean towels and empty the cat box. Or how he and I cook Thanksgiving dinner together, bickering the whole time about the best way to cook a turkey.
MY first emergency this week came inside a cat box - and was a lesson to all owners.
We put our cat in a cat box and stayed with our neighbours.
Ms Dubberley said: "He could hardly walk so we put him straight into the cat box and took him to the vets, where they said he had been poisoned.
Reed mentioned the things that bothered them about each other, like how Somerhalder forgets to put his laundry away or how she forgets to clean the cat box every so often.
In 1954, after promoting his product at pet shops and cat shows, Lowe introduced Tidy Cat--the first nationally marketed brand of cat box filler.
I first used it for lining the bottom of my bird cage and it soaked up so much crap I decided to order another for use in the cat box. In the cat box, the stink from this tome completely masked the odor from both the urine and the feces.
"I rushed to get the cat box to take him to our vet who is on 24 hour call.
"We thought that phoning the RSPCA to rescue the cat would take too long and they might not even come on a Sunday evening, so Iwan and James went to get our canoe and I got my cat box and some cat food.