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Of or relating to rocks consisting of cemented fragments that originate from the mechanical breakdown of rocks associated with plate tectonic processes.

[From Norwegian kataklas- (in kataklasstruktur, structure formed by crushing : Greek kata-, cata- + Greek klastos, broken; see clast + Norwegian struktur, structure) + -ic.]
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Mineralization is localized by small scale folding along a severely disrupted cataclastic (faulted) zone.
and Jia, Y.: 2016, Time-dependent behavior of cataclastic rocks in a multi-loading triaxial creep test.
Zhao, "Creep behaviour and permeability evolution of cataclastic sandstone in triaxial rheological tests," European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering, vol.
Formation of the Tuscan Nappe unit: LIM: "Calcare Secifero di Limano" formation; RSA: "Rosso Ammonitico" formation; MAS: "Calcare Massiccio" formation; RET: "Raethavicola Contorta" formation, Late Triassic dolomitic-limestones; ctc: cataclastic formation made by a polygenic breccias of mainly metamorphic limestone clasts.
The ore texture includes euhedral granular, subhedralanhedral granular (Figure 4(b)), solid solution separated (Figure 4(e)), metasomatic erosion, and cataclastic textures (Figures 4(d) and 4(e)).
The shear zones that generally cut across the strata are typical cataclastic strike slip in character showing distinct asymmetric kinematic indicators of redial assemblages (Marwar, 1989).
The nucleolus of JSGD low concentration group (including drug for 24 h and 48 h) was cataclastic. Nuclear chromatin moved, condensed, and showed an irregular shape.
This oblong, relatively small, 'I-type' pluton, which yielded a preliminary U-Pb emplacement age on zircon of 420 [+ or -] 5 Ma (Fyffe and Bevier 1992), contains a penetrative, northeast-trending, cataclastic fabric defined by aligned augen of plagioclase and potassium feldspar set in a granulated quartz matrix.
(i) The rock mass is cut by several structural features, which form fractured massive, cataclastic, or scattered textures.
Kuchenhoff, "Characterization of cataclastic shear-zones of the KTB deep drill hole by regression analysis of drill cuttings data," Geophysical Journal International, vol.
The coal structure is divided into three types, Type I coal is primary texture coal, Type II coal is cataclastic texture coal, and Type III coal is tectonic coal.