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The transitional phase in the hair growth cycle, during which growth stops. It comes between anagen and telogen and is generally the shortest phase.
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After the wool follicles become mature and active, it undergoes three regular periods termed anagen, catagen and telogen in a yearly cycle [2].
After the end of pregnancy the follicles in which anagen has been prolonged rapidly enters catagen followed by telogen leading to telogen effluvium, which is evident for 6-16 weeks.
The biopsy of the scalp 4 weeks later showed fibrosis and inflammation of the superficial reticular dermis associated with follicles in the catagen stage.
The presence of peribulbar lymphocytic inflammatory infiltrate is a histopathologic characteristic found in most of the terminal hair in one evolutionary stage: catagen or telogen.
The hair growth cycle (anagen, catagen and telogen phases) and how to optimize it, was the topic of the meeting's final presentation, which was delivered by Thomas Mammone of Estee Lauder.
Histopathologically, alopecia areata is characterized by an increase in the number of catagen and telogen follicles and the presence of perifollicular lymphocytic infiltrate around the anagen phase hair follicles.
The machinery of hair shaft production then shuts down during a brief catagen phase, after which the hair follicle enters its rest, or telogen, phase.
The second growth phase of hair is a transitional stage, called the catagen stage.
On histology, a high frequency of telogen hairs and a high frequency of noninflamed catagen hairs are typical of trichotillomania.