catalogue raisonné

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ca·ta·logue rai·son·né

 (kăt′l-ôg′ rā′zə-nā′, -ŏg′, kä-tä-lôg′ rĕ-zô-nā′)
n. pl. ca·ta·logues rai·son·nés (kăt′l-ôgz′ rā′zə-nā′, -ŏgz′, kä-tä-lôg′ rĕ-zô-nā′)
A publication listing titles of articles or literary works, especially the contents of an exhibition, along with related descriptive or critical material.

[French : catalogue, catalog + raisonné, methodical, descriptive, from past participle of raisonner, to reason, analyze.]

catalogue raisonné

(katalɔɡ rɛzɔne)
(Art Terms) a descriptive catalogue, esp one covering works of art in an exhibition or collection

cat′alogue rai•son•né′

(ˌrɛz əˈneɪ)

n., pl. catalogues rai•son•nés (-ˈneɪ)
a catalog, as of paintings or books, with notes or commentary on the items listed.
[1775–85; < French: literally, reasoned catalog]
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