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tr.v. cat·a·lyzed, cat·a·lyz·ing, cat·a·lyz·es
1. To modify, especially to increase, the rate of (a chemical reaction) by catalysis.
2. To bring about; initiate: "The technology bred of science has catalyzed stupendous economic growth" (Nature).
3. To produce fundamental change in; transform: changes in student enrollment that have catalyzed the educational system.

[From catalysis.]

cat′a·lyz′er n.


(ˈkæt lˌaɪz)

v.t. -lyzed, -lyz•ing.
to act upon by catalysis.
cat′a•lyz`er, n.


Past participle: catalyzed
Gerund: catalyzing

I catalyze
you catalyze
he/she/it catalyzes
we catalyze
you catalyze
they catalyze
I catalyzed
you catalyzed
he/she/it catalyzed
we catalyzed
you catalyzed
they catalyzed
Present Continuous
I am catalyzing
you are catalyzing
he/she/it is catalyzing
we are catalyzing
you are catalyzing
they are catalyzing
Present Perfect
I have catalyzed
you have catalyzed
he/she/it has catalyzed
we have catalyzed
you have catalyzed
they have catalyzed
Past Continuous
I was catalyzing
you were catalyzing
he/she/it was catalyzing
we were catalyzing
you were catalyzing
they were catalyzing
Past Perfect
I had catalyzed
you had catalyzed
he/she/it had catalyzed
we had catalyzed
you had catalyzed
they had catalyzed
I will catalyze
you will catalyze
he/she/it will catalyze
we will catalyze
you will catalyze
they will catalyze
Future Perfect
I will have catalyzed
you will have catalyzed
he/she/it will have catalyzed
we will have catalyzed
you will have catalyzed
they will have catalyzed
Future Continuous
I will be catalyzing
you will be catalyzing
he/she/it will be catalyzing
we will be catalyzing
you will be catalyzing
they will be catalyzing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been catalyzing
you have been catalyzing
he/she/it has been catalyzing
we have been catalyzing
you have been catalyzing
they have been catalyzing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been catalyzing
you will have been catalyzing
he/she/it will have been catalyzing
we will have been catalyzing
you will have been catalyzing
they will have been catalyzing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been catalyzing
you had been catalyzing
he/she/it had been catalyzing
we had been catalyzing
you had been catalyzing
they had been catalyzing
I would catalyze
you would catalyze
he/she/it would catalyze
we would catalyze
you would catalyze
they would catalyze
Past Conditional
I would have catalyzed
you would have catalyzed
he/she/it would have catalyzed
we would have catalyzed
you would have catalyzed
they would have catalyzed
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Verb1.catalyze - change by catalysis or cause to catalyze
chemical science, chemistry - the science of matter; the branch of the natural sciences dealing with the composition of substances and their properties and reactions
change state, turn - undergo a transformation or a change of position or action; "We turned from Socialism to Capitalism"; "The people turned against the President when he stole the election"
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Consul General expressed his appreciation to the XCE program since majority of the students traced their ancestral roots in Xiamen/Fujian which is a catalyzer in enhancing people-to-people contacts.
Since its founding in 2006, AFED quickly unfolded into a catalyzer for environmental development in the region.
Additional to the initiators, in the pair redox polymerizations F3 and F7, the soluble in the dispersed phase TEMED catalyzer and the soluble in the continuous phase BisNa catalyzer were used, respectively.
Ida Abdalkhani, Chief Catalyzer and Founder at Ability to Engage, a consumer research and business innovation firm, provided full scholarships for two teenagers to attend Ohio Business Week (OBW).
This trend for hospitality was maintained during 2015 too, being a great catalyzer for economic development and creation of jobs.
Following this procedure, the material was dehydrated in a crescent series of acetone and immersed in resin: acetone (1:1) for 12 hours, embedded in Epon-araldite resin with catalyzer for 24 hours and placed in the oven at 70[degrees]C for 24 hours for resin polymerization.
In the base model, the distance along the exhaust pipe from the exhaust port to the inlet of the catalyzer was 477 mm, and the diameter of the inner tube of the double-tubed piping structure was [phi]19.
It is ultimately a catalyzer of psychotherapeutic processes and innate healing mechanisms that require a great deal of work, engagement, and skill from both client and therapist to achieve.
This temperature limit makes it possible to measure most of the surface of the vehicle except very hot places, such as exhaust pipe, catalyzer, etc.
Joining to the ongoing ceasefire in Syria by more armed groups has an important role in stabilizing the situation in Syria, as it is a catalyzer in the negotiations in Geneva," General Igor Konashenkov told journalists, Sputnik reported.
5G applications developed around the world are designed to propel socioeconomic development and 5G technology development not only plays a role as a propeller but also as a catalyzer in the development of new living patterns and business models.
Copper (Cu) is a chemical element considered as essential for plants, participating as a catalyzer of biochemical reactions in the metabolism of carbohydrates and nitrogen, in the synthesis of chlorophyll and in the constitution of protein in plants (Taiz & Zeiger, 2013).