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108 it's all too much to ASSIMILATE 39 part of a fiat-bottomed boat is the CHINE 49 to overdo frying or roasting is to CRINE 59 the couch potato ignores his dog's WHINE 69 while he spends nearly all his time ONLINE 79 it's a type of monkey a CATARHINE 89 it makes a hum, the wind TURBINE 99 like a snake or serpent is COLUBRINE 109 at last we can bask in the hot SUNSHINE THE NAUGHTIES 30 'you' is represented by the poetical YE 40 an Old Norse mouthful of food is BITI 50 long ago 'fifty' was known as FIFTI!
He then reasoned that humans diverged from the Catarhine stock comprising of humans, anthropoid apes, and Old World monkeys, all having nostrils opening downward and close together and a nonprehensile, often greatly reduced or vestigial tail.
That he was aware of humankind's arrogance is most evident in this statement: "And as man from a genealogical point of view belongs to the Catarhine or Old World stock, we must conclude however much the conclusion may revolt our pride, that our early progenitors would have been properly thus designated" (Darwin 1883:155, my italics).