catastrophic illness

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Noun1.catastrophic illness - severe illness requiring prolonged hospitalization or recovery; usually involves high costs for hospitals and doctors and medicines
illness, sickness, unwellness, malady - impairment of normal physiological function affecting part or all of an organism
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He said most of the claims were for cancer treatment because it was a 'catastrophic illness and payments could reach up to P49,000.'
After adjusting gender, age, household income, catastrophic illness, season, urbanization level and level of care, patients with shoulder symptoms aged ≥65 years had the highest risk of HTN (adjusted HR = 5.806, 95% CI = 5.464-6.169, P < 0.001), and CVD (adjusted HR = 4.371, 95% CI = 4.047-4.721, P < 0.001), with reference to younger age group of 22-44.
There are no lifetime limits on coverage, meaning that a family with a catastrophic illness wouldn't have to worry about their insurance disappearing if their spending exceeds a certain threshold (as was the case in the bad old days).
Synthesis of the articles uncovered three major categories that describe the essence of Islamic spirituality within the context of serious illness: Connection to Allah, Daily Practice, and View of Catastrophic Illness (see Figure 1).
There are no mentionable health expenditure programmes and the economically vulnerable population of the country is threatened with impoverishment in case of catastrophic illness."
He said: "The cardiomyopathy was a catastrophic illness for him to have.
Some interest groups had asked CMS to use the third scenario slot to illustrate how a plan might cover a catastrophic illness.
People who survive a catastrophic illness can easily find themselves in one of the gaps that Rowley mentioned.
Catastrophic illness expenses fund: As a supplement scheme, the project established the catastrophic funds for medical expenses of catastrophic illness that would result in high out-of-pocket spending for beneficiaries.
* It could provide catastrophic illness, long-term care, or terminal illness benefits.
It was supposed to be a feel-good story about the family-like culture of a baseball franchise, but I wanted someone to point out how sad it was that victims of catastrophic illness would have to depend on the generosity of an employer in order to get the care they need.

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