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a. The doctrine that major changes in the earth's crust result from sudden catastrophes, such as the impact of a large meteor, rather than from gradual evolutionary processes.
b. The doctrine that changes in the earth's fauna and flora result from major catastrophic events that cause the die-off of many organisms and are followed by the appearance of new types of organisms.
2. The prediction or expectation of cataclysmic upheaval, as in political or social developments.

ca·tas′tro·phist n.
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I didn't commit murder," continued the Catastrophist mildly, "but only perjury.
More than a mere reproduction of nineteenth-century catastrophist agendas (cf.
The first complexity relates to the ubiquity of catastrophist expectation and prediction in this country.
Catastrophist thinking, in Klein's view, has served right-wing, corporatist interests at the expense of the poor.
While Smith highlights the severity, of the situation, he mostly avoids hyperbole and catastrophist rhetoric.
Gordon Woo, catastrophist specializing in the mathematical aspects of catastrophe insurance risk modeling for Risk Management Solutions, tells PC360 the bombing is "bound to have an impact on event cancellation.
We are reminded by it that the catastrophist school of modern literary history, in which poetry by such as Eliot was deemed to be decisively different from what was before and around it, is wrong; that there was a far more graduated transition from Victorian into modern, and that 'native' British poets--i.
Unlike Josiah Whitney, who denied that glaciers shaped Yosemite and the Sierras, "Muir believed that glacial landscape formation expressed the 'working of Divine harmonious law' better than Whitney's catastrophist argument" (Williams, God's Wilds 73).
I'll end this essay with an image from a Comedy Central show which might never lodge itself in the national consciousness but which nonetheless registers our preoccupation with digital spectacle, citizen catastrophists, the false theater of Web 2.
The manner in which we network with each other is "a law of human existence," said Gordon Woo, a catastrophist with RMS, at the catastrophic risk management firm's annual terrorism seminar in New York City.
The urgency of resolving the problems of the Third World induced revision of the catastrophist doctrine that had come to predominate in the West.
2007) 'What the Catastrophist Heresy Can Teach Public Officials', Administrative Theory and Praxis, 29(4): 546-66.