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He was particularly criticized for catcalling TV reporter Mariz Umali during a live press conference.
Catcalling will soon become a punishable offense in the city of Manila.
The 22-year-old actress and waitress said she had experienced everything from wolf whistling and catcalling to a man exposing himself to her at work.
Under the measure, light violations, such as cursing, catcalling, repeatedly asking the subject for a date or her contact number, or taunting a woman with constant talk about sex, which tend to ridicule, humiliate or embarrass the woman, are punishable with a fine of from Php 1,000 to P5,000 or a jail term of up to one month.
Catcalling is a huge problem, but police mostly ignore it.
Damietta teen stabbed to death after intervening in sexual harassment incident A member of a team to stop the harassment of women stepped in when a group of meatheads was catcalling a girl.
As the temperature rose in the venue, Elly was forced to peel off one of her 80s Miami Vice-style shirts, with the crowd catcalling her.
He later described the years of catcalling as "a constant thing.