catch cold

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Verb1.catch cold - come down with a cold
catch - contract; "did you catch a cold?"
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Rain is descending in pailfuls, and it is such a soaking kind of rain that--that you might catch cold from it, my darling, and the chill might go to your heart.
They might catch cold," said the conscientious Jemima.
Go in, Annette, or you will catch cold," said the little princess, taking leave of Anna Pavlovna.
To speak heaven's truth, my merit in the action was small indeed, for I had run no risk, and subsequently did not even catch cold from the wetting; but when M.
As there is no knife handy, my foot will do; I raise my foot, and then - she sees that it is bare, she cries to me excitedly to go back to bed lest I catch cold.
Alec saw her before she had time to catch cold, for coming out to tie back the door-flap of his tent for more air, he beheld the small figure perched in the moonlight.