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 (kăch′əp, kĕch′-)
Variant of ketchup.


(ˈkætʃəp; ˈkɛtʃ-)
(Cookery) a variant spelling (esp US) of ketchup


intended to keep up with or surpass a norm or competitor: catch-up pay raises.
play catch-up, to attempt to overtake a competitor or opponent.
[1835–45, Amer.]


(ˈkætʃ əp, ˈkɛtʃ-)

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The Priorymen found themselves playing catchup in East Yorkshire as Driffield took a 3-0 lead after their stand-off slotted a penalty.
Everyone is welcome to the Black Bull and it'll be great to be able to have a regular catchup with friends, and fans across the region's fight scene.
With full support in HD quality, frame accurate clips, the clips for OTT, CatchUP TV or VOD will be created and distributed immediately, in the most cost effective way.
30am BELINDA BENCIC and Garbine Muguruza, who are likely to meet in the third round of the China Open, are playing catchup with their opponents, many of whom will contest their last16 matches today, writes Adrian Humphries.
Telkom also announced the return of its popular TI Entertainment add on for R99 per month which offers customers an uncapped experience to selected content sites including Apple TV, iTunes and DSTV online services such as BoxOffice and CatchUp.
There will also be a catchup programme for babies due three and four-month vaccinations in September.
BBC iPlayer is introducing new catchup features, as the on-demand TV service looks to keep pace with popular streaming services apps such as Netflix.
Almost six in 10 (57%) adults aged 16 to 24 watch on-demand and catchup television on laptops and PCs, while almost half (45%) watch on a smartphone and four in 10 use a settop box, according to Ofcom's 2015 Communications Market Report However, 92% of adults said they watched conventional television broadcasts every week in 2014, down from 93% in 2013.
For a long time now, we've been behind the eightball in one-day cricket and we've fallen behind by a long way, and it's time for a catchup.
Macmillan's Night In is simply about having friends round for a catchup, a laugh and something to eat and drink.
The LCCI officebearers said that Pakistan's economy needed a growth of more than 7 percent for next 8 to 10 years to catchup with other regional economies and such calls were bound to disrupt economic activities.
Many of the TV catchup apps, such as BBCi have specialist sections holding signed programmes, or subtitled.