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n. pl. cat·e·che·ses (-sēz)
Oral instruction given to catechumens.

[Late Latin catēchēsis, from Greek katēkhēsis, oral instruction, from katēkhein, to teach by word of mouth; see catechize.]

cat′e·chet′i·cal (-kĕt′ĭ-kəl) adj.


(ˌkætɪˈkɛtɪkəl) or


(Education) of or relating to teaching by question and answer
ˌcateˈchetically adv


(ˌkæt ɪˈkɛt ɪ kəl)

also cat`e•chet′ic,

pertaining to teaching by question and answer.
[1610–20; < Medieval Latin catēchētic(us)]
cat`e•chet′i•cal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.catechetical - of or relating to or involving catechesis
theology, divinity - the rational and systematic study of religion and its influences and of the nature of religious truth


(ˈkӕtikizəm) noun
1. a book (especially religious) of instructions by means of question and answer.
2. a series of searching questions on any subject.
catechetical (-ketikl) adjective
catechetical class.
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Students of ancient Christianity and/or the history of worship and liturgy (whether Roman Catholic or not) will value this book for what it tells us of the catechetical theories and programs of Augustine and not for its rather parochially stated purpose.
LAS VEGAS * As the church looks to the future it must increase the number of "culturally diverse, adequately formed, committed and, above all, creatively faithful catechists," said a keynote speaker at a conference in Las Vegas for catechetical leaders.
Thus it is of great importance that the catechetical and religious education programs "deepen the faithful's understanding and love of our Lord and his Church, and re-awaken in them the zeal for Christian witness .
Also speaking was Monsignor William Fitzgerald, Director of the House of Discernment for the Diocese of Kalamazoo -- who spoke about Catholic education, catechetical leadership and a vision for the future of Catholic education.
Its catechetical program serves more than 600 children, in whom Spehar places his hopes for a peaceful and more prosperous future.
It deserves attention, not only in the scholarly but above all in the pastoral and catechetical worlds.
His Augustinian pedigree is also manifest in his interest in transcendental beauty and his understanding of the catechetical importance of language and symbols and the relationship between matters of form and substance.
Catholic kids in my neighborhood often wore the imprint of her fingers on their cheeks as a kind of catechetical stigmata attesting to their familiarity with the little green book they carried in their pockets.
Parish catechetical leaders and coordinators of religious education will gather for workshops, prayer and fellowship with hundreds of colleagues from across the United States.
In the countries of northern Europe and English-speaking countries generally, confirmation was received after a separate catechesis during the last years of elementary school; more recently, under the influence of the catechetical movement, this age was sometimes deferred into mid-adolescence or later.
Groome currently works with RCL Benziger, which recently merged with Silver Burdett Ginn publishers, preparing new catechetical resources that follow the bishops' framework curriculum.