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A person who catechizes, especially one who instructs catechumens in preparation for admission into a Christian church.

[French catechiste, from Old French, from Late Latin catēchista, from Late Greek katēkhistēs, from katēkhizein, to teach by word of mouth; see catechize.]

cat′e·chis′tic, cat′e·chis′ti·cal adj.
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Adj.1.catechistic - of or relating to or resembling a rigorous catechism; "the catechistic method"
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Historically, the emergence and evolution of literature in Lesotho has been closely linked to the evangelical mission of the church and the dominance of Sesotho as a sole linguistic vehicle for communication, catechistic instruction and creative imagination.
racist catechistic habit not a sign given is left readable
3) There are also traces of the formulas used in catechistic preaching in Inferno 19, which Dante deploys with utmost irony in the pilgrim's conversation with Pope Nicholas III.
The paradox is that although Arendt's catechistic formulation no longer seems applicable, nothing in Stangneth's portrait suggests that under other circumstances he might not have lived out his life as a modest traveling salesman, while raising both rabbits and his family in a typically middle-class German way.
This poem takes the form of a vaguely catechistic dialogue between a person who is curious about what Jesus Christ suffered during his human life and another who claims to be an authority on the subject.
With his catechistic advice, Bartolomeo the physician becomes an instructor of faith.
From a period of relatively gentle critique or the reversal of the norms, such as Camille Flammarion's interjection of spiritualism into his works of the merveilleux scientifique (scientific marvelous) or the catechistic aspects of Emile Zola's late socialist utopia in Le Travail (1902), the author observes an increasingly violent rupture, coupled with the rise of dystopia and "contre-utopie" (anti-utopia) in the period following the great upheaval of World War I and further disillusion brought by a Second World War.
This section includes common prayers, the confession of faith, and catechistic questions and answers about the faith.
I did not choose to subvert my host country's pedagogy, but by putting books in the hands of students, I unintentionally challenged an entrenched catechistic style of teaching literature by summarizing content.
Tolkien, yet the book takes a rather catechistic approach which leaves less room for analysis than one would like.
Table 1: Demographic catechistic of the four finalist teams at the 19th male Handball World Championship "Tunisia 2005" Age (year) Size (cm) Weight (kg) Variables Mean (SD) Mean (SD) Mean (SD) Spain (N=19) 27.