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 (kăt′ər-kôr′nərd, kăt′ē-) also cat·er-cor·ner (-nər) or cat·ty-cor·nered or cat·ty-cor·ner (kăt′ē-) or kit·ty-cor·nered or kit·ty-cor·ner (kĭt′ē-)
In a diagonal position.

[From obsolete cater, four at dice, from Middle English, from Old French catre, four, from Latin quattuor; see kwetwer- in Indo-European roots.]
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adj, adv (US) → diagonal
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The two women and three or four other on-call "officiants" perform ceremonies in the chapel section of Weddings on Call, a 1,000-square-foot former office at 807 A St., Suite D, cater-corner from the Springfield Post Office.
Product is merchandised from kiosks and European tables placed cater-corner around the slate floor of the department.
This cavernous space cater-corner to SFMOMA has become a hugely popular hangout for hipsters and foodies alike.
Le Domino (Continental), 2742 17th Street, at Florida, cater-corner from Theater Artaud; 626-3095.