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Adj.1.catercorner - slanted across a polygon on a diagonal line; "set off in a catty-corner direction across the vacant lot"
oblique - slanting or inclined in direction or course or position--neither parallel nor perpendicular nor right-angled; "the oblique rays of the winter sun"; "acute and obtuse angles are oblique angles"; "the axis of an oblique cone is not perpendicular to its base"
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Bernard Spitzer's massive Corinthian, catercorner from Waterside to the south on the west side of First Avenue, has 57 stories.
When his mother died in 1929, Rockefeller Center was under construction and Saks was already standing catercorner across Fifth Avenue.
Developed by Pennsylvania-based LCOR at the corner of North 12th Street, catercorner to McCarren Park, the seven-story building has 142 studio to two-bedroom apartments ranging from 450 to 1,100 square feet.