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A broken caterpillar track, or getting stuck in a gap, is game over.
The bike also boasts an ejector seat and a caterpillar track for smooth riding over potholed roads.
The roar of 100-ton caterpillar track scrapers was echoing across the Wirral countryside as the biggest road construction project to be undertaken in the peninsula in the post-war years got underway.
This precursor of the modern caterpillar track had several articulated boards loosely attached around the circumference of each wheel and pivoted so that any two adjacent boards formed a flat wooden road beneath the wheels.
Nissan Motor Company (NASDAQ: NSANY)(TYO: 7201), a Japan-based automaker, has developed a caterpillar track equipped Jike Nismo RS, which it has called the Nismo RSnow.
Perhaps most importantly, Ponting recorded the preparations for the assault on the Pole, from the trials of the caterpillar track sledges to clothing and cooking equipment, giving us a real sense of the challenges faced by the expedition.
The bike, to be displayed at next week's Cycle Show at Earls Court in London, also boasts a caterpillar track for smooth riding over potholed roads.
In 1905, Hornsby, a company based in Grantham, designed a tractor with a caterpillar track and sold the patent to a US company called Holt.
The Beltrail Model B 12-20, with its single caterpillar track in the rear middle of the machine, was an unusual half-track model.