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Adj.1.caterpillar-tracked - having caterpillar treads or tracks on the wheels; "a caterpillar-tracked earthmover"
tracked - having tracks; "new snow tracked by rabbits"; "tracked vehicles"
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(Later, the scales may peel from one's eyes and that scenario may fail on all three counts -- the knight may turn out to be just an average guy albeit with an attractive twinkle in his eye, the shining armour of olive green may lose its appeal when there is a surfeit of it around and the glorious steed may reveal itself as a nuts and bolts and caterpillar-tracked T-Something tank that drowns out all sounds as it rumbles by.
Others models include gun-towing Caterpillar-tracked machines and a model of a workshop where equipment was mended and features a machine gun being repaired on the work bench.
However, these criticisms will do little to deter teen readers from first devouring Scrivener's Moon in tasty gobbets and then consigning its humble reviewer to a thorough flattening by a fully-functioning caterpillar-tracked mobile city!!
Below OP Two, a caterpillar-tracked back hoe is widening an Israeli army supply road.
Disgruntled motorists can take the caterpillar-tracked tank around a Somerset quarry, and finish the day off by mowing down a mocked-up speed camera.
Design ecologist Tim Hodnett said: "We have used concrete railway sleepers to construct an access road for the caterpillar-tracked excavators, so as to protect the burrows the voles make, otherwise the Environment Agency could not get to the stream to do essential work.
I do not dare ask how things are with you, but I watch the Channel 4 news and I suspect that the Rothill caterpillar-tracked combine (the one everybody laughed at) will be well in play this year.