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1. A fight between cats.
2. Informal A physical fight or angry argument between people, especially women.


informal a fight between two women



a dispute carried out with intense hostility and bitterness.


cat-fight, cat fight [ˈkætfaɪt] n (between women)crêpage m de chignon
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Filming for the new series of Ex On The Beach went with a bang when a huge catfight erupted in the contestants' luxury pad in Mexico between Geordie Shore babe Vicky Pattison and American model Cami Li.
anywhere and any time Watch the Trailer for Game of Thrones 4 CBB Catfight between Jasmine and Casey sparked by Sam Faiers FANTASY WORLD SHOWBIZ SENSATION I E Ju Ap Go an Da Ne Ap get fre y y y N ed n d en ave ect tic sh to of by ers tre nd nto es, he WWW.
Ellie Avram, who has been made captain of the house, also joined in the catfight and started supporting Tanisha.
Shams and Ahlam are taking their endless catfight to a new level.
It seems to have been a bit of a catfight against the background you have heard," Mr Roberts told the magistrates.
Summary: At the European premiere of Tim Burton's Dark Shadows, Helena Bonham Carter jokingly had a catfight with co-star Chloe Moretz.
Dubai A woman has denied being involved in a catfight with another woman and threatening to chop her legs for shouting at her mother.
These two are the cream of the Corrie catfight crop.
Alfie wants them to start afresh so, after they've welcomed everyone into the renovated Vic and there's been the traditional catfight, he asks her to renew their wedding vows.
While the catfight between the Arkansas Teacher Retirement System and county assessors continues, the amount of delinquent taxes continues to rise.
Not wishing to get into a pathetic catfight, but I believe in karma.
Whoever had the idea to revive James Kirkwood's 1986 catfight comedy ``Legends