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An ion or group of ions having a positive charge and characteristically moving toward the negative electrode in electrolysis.

[Greek kation, something going down, from neuter present participle of katienai, to go down : kat-, kata-, cata- + ienai, to go; see ei- in Indo-European roots.]

cat′i·on′ic (kăt′ī-ŏn′ĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.cationic - of or relating to cations
anionic - of or relating to anions
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The actual mechanism of substitution is believed to include a cationic cyclic intermediate in which the halogen attaches itself to the isoprenyl double bond.
Tenders are invited for TS187 emulsifier for production of slow - disintegrating cationic bitumen emulsions polishes L90 or equivalent, and an emulsifier for the production of rapid setting cationic bitumen emulsions Asolo 1016 grade D or equivalent to the interest of the repair and production of Municipal Unitary Enterprise "Gordormaterialy"
It entails a fabric care additive composition having an acidic pH comprising, based on total composition weight, from about 5% to about 20% of a cationic polymer, said fabric care additive composition further comprising a cationic surfactant, wherein said cationic polymer has a charge density of from about 0.
Bayhydrol UV 2792 XP, a new UV-curing, cationic urethane acrylate emulsion, provides for fast drying and thus the efficient industrial basecoating of furniture and parquet flooring.
The results show that the adsorption of silver nanoparticles on cationic cotton is approximately three times more than on non-cationic cotton.
Synthetic gene-delivery vectors, especially cationic polymers, have attracted enormous attention in recent decades because of their ease of manufacture, targetability, and scale up.
Sun Chemical has introduced its SolarCat cationic UV flexo ink system, a breakthrough in UV ink technology which the company reported has dramatically improved efficiency and production speeds of up to 250 meters/minute, at least two times faster curing than other products in the marketplace.
All of these "bad actors" were (are) negatively charged and consumers of cationic retention aids, starches, sizes, dyes, and other specialty wet end additives.
During the course of his career he was involved in research in many areas of polymerization, including cationic, anionic, inverse emulsion.
Contract notice: Delivery by purchase of cationic bituminous emulsion and materials for the production of bituminous asphalt mixtures in 5 lots".

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